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Posted: January 25, 2023

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is a flowering plant native to North America. The root or rhizome (underground stem) is used in herbal preparations and has been used to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. The herbal preparation of this plant is utilized as a dietary supplement for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It has also proven beneficial for other conditions in some people including reducing pain, relaxing the nervous system, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and to induce labor.

How do I supplement with black cohosh?

The standard dosage of black cohosh is 20 to 120 mg of extract daily for up to 12 months. The supplement can be made into capsules or tablets, or the roots can be dried and simmered in water. It’s critical to note that “a standardized preparation of black cohosh is recommended for use in menopause.” To learn more about our Vitamine Wellness supplements like black cohosh, look here.

How does it work?

Black cohosh has a phytochemical within it that causes a serotonin-like effect on the body’s ability to regulate temperature, which could help with hot flashes. However, more research is needed to prove it helps reduce hot flash episodes. It should also be noted that not all black cohosh plants have the enzyme needed to make this important phytochemical. For this supplement, it is important to ensure you’re buying a high-quality and safe product from reputable suppliers.

Things to keep in mind

Studies since the 1950s have noted the potential benefits of black cohosh for people with menopause symptoms, though currently there is no conclusive scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Clinical trials provide evidence showing no harmful effects of taking black cohosh for as long as 12 months. While there are benefits of taking black cohosh, there are also side effects such as upset stomach, cramping, headaches, weight gain, and vaginal spotting or bleeding that can occur while taking the supplement. You should not take this supplement if you have a hormone-sensitive condition like breast cancer, endometriosis and others. Talk with your physician before starting a black cohosh supplement.

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